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Russell is the father of Bryn
and grandfather of Oscar
Russell Forgham (born 06.04.1946)
Sheila and Russell during a night on the
tequila  on a holiday in Mexico
After going through the education system at Egerton Grove County Primary, Wallasey, Darnhall County Primary, Winsford, and Sir John Deane’s Grammar School, Northwich, Russell graduated from Liverpool University with a BA Hons degree in economics in 1968 and two days after the end of term was hard at work as a graduate trainee on the Liverpool Daily Post.
His journalistic career included working for the Daily Express in Manchester and London, the London Evening News until it closed in 1979, The Sun and The Mail on Sunday, which he
joined as a sub-editor in March 1982, two months before its launch on May 2, 1982 - the day after Britain regained control of South Georgia in the South Atlantic during the Falklands War.
He became deputy chief sub-editor and while he was on holiday his colleagues elected him deputy father of the chapel (deputy shop steward) of the MoS chapel (office branch) of the National Union of Journalists - which came as a bit of a surprise when he got back to the office!
An even bigger shock came two weeks later when the father of the chapel was promoted to news editor and resigned his union post, leaving Russell to step into the breach.
Eighteen months later Russell was promoted to chief sub-editor and had to resign as FoC.
Later Russell was appointed executive production editor, which entailed overseeing all aspects of the production of the paper, and in 1989 he became managing editor, a post he held for 12 years until he took early retirement in 2001.
Since then he would like to say he has enjoyed a life of leisure - but the reality is that there is always something to do and time seems to whizz by so quickly you wonder how anyone actually has time to go to work!
But he did have a part-time job as a
market and social research interviewer for a while, including working on the huge ongoing British Crime Survey for the Home Office, as well as designing websites for
small companies and individuals (and this family website), and operating his own website selling cruises and holiday deals for airline staff as the UK agent for a Canadian travel company, and an online guide to Milton Keynes. And every Saturday he goes back to The Mail on Sunday to do a shift as a sub-editor - just to keep his hand in!
He is also the author (with Yorkshire artist Leslie Simpson) of five
illustrated children’s books
about a lovable little
border collie called Ollie.
Russell has been married to
Sheila (nee Mitchell) since
1976. She was born in
Montreal in Canada and they
met at a “going home”
party in London for an
Australian mutual
acquaintance. Russell says it was obviously due to his charm and good looks but Sheila says it was because he had a car and it was raining.
Sheila retired (very early) in 2008 after 29 years working for Air Canada at Heathrow Airport, which is fantastic for their mutual love of travel, and also has a home business selling aloe vera health and beauty products. She is a keen rider and has bred her two horses herself.