Film of the week

The Fabelmans

“This is Stephen Spielberg’s fictionalised life story from a small boy to his late teens, telling us in effect ‘how I decided to become a film maker’. But there’s more to it than that. Spielberg has the gift of always making you care about his characters and in this film, too, they make you laugh, they make you cry, they hold your attention through the story’s human drama, sadness and comedy.”



“Hey, this is an action movie, the audience are here for the ride.  So fasten your seat belts, action fans.   It’s a reasonably satisfying bumpy ride.”


All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

“In a world where accountability is rare, and abuses of power come as no surprise, All the Beauty and the Bloodshed documents a kind of justice born from collective pressure and persistence, a rare accomplishment in these times.”


“Shot in black and white this is existentialist cinema at it best. You see no real horrors but it is frightening, the performances are good and the photography superb.”

Shotgun Wedding

“Jennifer Lopez is Darcy Rivera, a volatile hottie who knows a thing or two about weddings. (So a stretch then). But the best bit about this beautiful rubbish is the support cast. Nonsense with a capital N. But lovely to look at.””

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Russell Forgham

Former Fleet Street journalist, lifelong film buff and co-founder of Movies1. When he’s not watching films he helps people at Citizens Advice and is an intrepid traveller and has visited every continent in the world – including Antarctica.

Marianne Gray

Former president of the British Critics’ Circle and teaches young filmmakers how to criticise a film for the BFI. She is also a director of Peckhamplex in London and has written biographies of Gerard Depardieu and Jeanne Moreau.

Carol Allen

Carol has been a film critic since 1980 and has contributed to the
BBC, LBC, The Times, Cosmopolitan, New Woman, 9-5, Close-Up Film and others. She also teaches drama to older people though her charity Cat’s Whiskers Community Arts.

Alexa Dalby

A film journalist since 1990, reviewing and interviewing for press and radio. Alexa is especially interested in independent and non-English-language films and is co-editor of a specialist website. She is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic.

Camila E Sotomayor

Trained as an architect and completed her PhD on the subject of material decay, drawing greatly from film-making for references. She is currently writing an illustrated children’s book on climate change and our own ageing.

Rich Cline

A freelance writer, editor and broadcaster, Rich is chair of the London Film Critics’ Circle. Born in Los Angeles, he has lived in London for more than three decades and covers film, theatre and dance for BBC Radio, Shadows on the Wall and other outlets.  

Richard Fitzwilliams

Royal commentator, film critic, lecturer and public relations consultant. He has has done over 1,000 TV interviews, written numerous articles and is
the weekly film critic for Talk Radio Europe (Spain) and Siren FM (Lincoln University).

Jonathan Hart

Jonathan has worked as a film journalist for Scotland on Sunday, CNN Entertainment in New York and many radio shows. He is the Associate Director of the French Film Festival and has interviewed hundreds of stars.

Dennis Leachman

Retired engineer and a movie junkie ever since he saw North by Northwest four times in 1960, just in time for the flowering of the French New Wave, and Ingmar Bergman, Satyajit Ray and all those great names of that time.  

William Russell

Former political journalist on the Glasgow Herald and for 24 years the paper’s film critic as well as one of its theatre critics, As well as reviewing films for Movies1 he also reviews theatre for the long-running website Reviewsgate.

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